Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Whew, my head is spinning as I look back at the last few weeks. The sale of our church facilities, the move into a school and the development of systems for doing the portable church thing all have dominated my time and thought life. I see why companies like Portable Church Industries charge forty to fifty thousand to set up a portable church. I have found it to be challenging and thrilling to be on a new adventure. Yet I recognize that it is vital not to let the project choke out the central reason the project exists in the first place. That is that Christ would be revealed in our community. It starts with us staying connected and passionate about our relationship with Jesus. There is an ever-present danger to drift into an outward religion and to let the inner fires of faith and passion for Christ to wane. The Apostle Paul who was incredible busy building and planting churches wrote that life for him centered on the ” greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord”. Jesus must be the central focus of our lives. We can do that by making a conscience decision to place Christ first. It is helpful to remember and rehearse what Jesus has done for you. Think of the grace of God. Express your thankfulness to Jesus. Read the gospels and thrill at Jesus our hero! Pray and give Him your cares, then listen for His encouragement.