Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Driving and Grace

I speak often of the grace of God. It is a subject that thrills me and I always find it a little scandalous that our standing with God is based on who He is and not on what we necessarily do. The word that is translated grace in the New Testament carries the idea of "God's influence on the human heart". I recently had a experience that illustrates this idea. Margi, my wife and I celebrated our 32 wedding anniversary. We spent a couple of days on Whidbey Island. In the course of sight seeing I unwittingly drove through a 35 mph speed zone at 60 mph! Needles to say I was pulled over and faced a very expensive ticket. I was respectful to the officer and offered no excuse. He asked what we were doing in the area and I told him. Off he went to his patrol car and spent what seemed a very long time and then came back to our car. I was sure that I was getting a ticket. Officer Campbell told us that as an anniversary present he wasn't going to give me a 400 dollar ticket. He wished us well and told to me to be careful. As I drove away I could not help but think of the remarkable display of mercy shown. I was guilty of speeding there was no doubt about it yet I wasn't going to pay the price of my guilt. As time has gone on I find my self thinking of this incident and it causes me to be aware of my driving. Officer Campbell influence on my heart is very real! I believe that it is the same way with God. He has shown us mercy and that very act of forgiveness should create in us sensitivity to the Fathers heart. We approach the line of sin and something of God's influence by the Holy Spirit causes us to resist sin, then He leads us into righteousness. King David wrote the the Psalms, "there is forgiveness in you, so that you may be revered." Mercy and grace, I am so thankful for the generosity of our God.